I had my interview for my I-485  and it all went successfully. I wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who were involved in my application; I will be eternally grateful. Your firm was so knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated throughout the entire process that I will recommend you to anyone that may need these services (every penny was worth it!). I was very impressed with how my application got put together and I’m sure this was vital for the approval of my green card.

As an immigrant that has been here for 13 years studying and working hard, this approval is priceless; added to the fact that my own home country is suffering so much cruelty and social injustice and going back is not an option for my me. This is saving my life in a sense. Thank you once again for all your efforts and for helping me stay in this wonderful country

Ana L.


When I was 16 years old my mother told me for the first time that I was undocumented. I had no idea! I wanted so badly to go to college but I had no social security number, no status. I confided in my guidance counselor at my high school, and he told me to call Immigrant Avenues. The attorney they connected me with spent a lot of time with me, searching for any possibilities, and he discovered that a few years earlier my mother had married a U.S. citizen who had been psychologically abusive to both my mom and me. The attorney prepared an application under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for both me and my mother, and shortly we both had green cards. It was amazing! Muchas gracias!Franco, México


I entered the U.S. legally as a visitor in 2010 and then was able to get F-1 student status. My problems began when my school made a mistake in entering important information into the SEVUS system, and USCIS decided that I fell out of status. I could not believe it, I had become illegal. Two lawyers told me to go home, but Immigrant Avenues connected me with a lawyer who immediately went to work with my school and was able to get them to correct their error. Since then I have been in valid status. Thank you for going the extra distance.Adriana, México

When I called Immigrant Avenues for help, I was undocumented and my English was not very good. An advisor met with me, and connected me to a lawyer who explained the current law and the only two options I had to try to become legal. I pursued a political asylum case, and seven months later I had a work authorization card, and eight month after that the U.S. Immigration Court granted my entire family Political Asylum. One year later I was able to apply for Permanent Residency and my entire family now has green cards. Thank you Immigrant Avenues.Javier, Colombia

When I was undocumented and had no idea how to become legal, Immigrant Avenues was able to explain to me for free the process. The attorney Immigrant Avenues connected me to charged a fair fee to guide me through the green card process. He delivered on his promises, and I ended up getting my green card.Pedro R., México