Lidia, 27 years old, fled violence and persecution in her native Brazil, with nowhere to turn.   On May 29, 2018, she arrived at the U.S.—Mexican border and played by the rules:  she presented herself to a Customs and Border Protection Officer; she asked for help from the brutal beatings and persecution she suffered; and she passed a credible fear determination in front of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She was allowed to enter the United States with her 8-year-old son Diogo.   But shortly after entering, DHS separated the two, taking Diogo to a holding facility and putting Lidia in jail.   She was released a day later, but only if she agreed to immediately fly to Massachusetts where she had a relative with whom she could stay. She was forced to leave Diogo behind.  She was not told that he was taken to a holding facility in Chicago.  While Lidia was able to eventually get in touch with Diogo, she is allowed to speak to him on the phone only twice each week.  This is maddening.  Inhumane.  Even more heartbreaking, Diogo came down with chicken-pox at the facility, and our government moved him to solitary confinement.  Without his mother, he was left alone to suffer through the torment of chicken-pox.  He spent his 9th birthday in solitary confinement.

Lidia is receiving pro-bono legal services through Immigrant Avenues LLC, who placed her with Attorney Jesse Bless of The Law Offices of Jeff Goldman.  But she still needs financial support to go to Chicago to be reunited with Diogo; to bring him home to Massachusetts; and to find a safe place to stay while she pursues her claim of political asylum at the U.S. Immigration Court.

Please help Lidia and Diogo. Consider donating to her GoFundMe: