The #TruthTrain rolls onward and upward for Immigrant Avenues.  While Trump and his minions continue to spread false narratives and have placed a red light on reasonable reform, the light of immigration’s benevolence remains bright green.  The DREAMs of immigrants remain alive, well, and within reach right now.  The mission of the team at Immigrant Avenues is to manifest destiny one client at a time.  All aboard the #TruthTrain!

We have accepted the current environment of strict enforcement and the “shoot first” mentality of the current administration.  Indeed, one of our affiliated attorneys recently left the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., and has kept in close contact with his former colleagues about the shift toward increased enforcement of immigration officials.  Moreover, our staff has regular contact with Consular Officers and officials within USCIS to discuss particular priority cases for enforcement, such as foreign nationals with criminal convictions or prior orders of deportation.  We remain vigilant, but have no need to shy away, stop, or seek vengeance.  So many of our hard-working clients remain eligible for immigration benefits and we are grateful to have secured so many victories for so many loving families.  For example, our client Nicole recently received her green card after a monumental effort to persuade USCIS that she was admissible to the United States and had never sought to procure an immigration benefit through making a material misrepresentation.  Our understanding of the law and the new, enforcement-minded rules and the trend of administrative policy has allowed us to keep clients like Nicole with the peace of mind to “keep going forward.”  We also recognize so many who have overcome so much adversity just to get started.  Our client Ana, for example, had to fight to separate and divorce from her abusive husband prior to pursuing assistance.  We look forward to securing her relief under the Violence Against Women Act.  While we are grateful to so many who have joined us and referred us to others for a referral fee we are happy to pay, there are far too many out there who should get moving.

Our clients drive our passion and our method for success rests on a simple principle: honesty.  We provide honest advice, we file honest applications, and we charge honest fees.  In every case: (1) we educate, (2) we plan, and (3) we execute innovative immigration solutions.  During an initial, free consultation, an immigration attorney educates clients about their immigration status and whether a solution is available now or will be available in the future.  Every client receives a detailed plan that describes exactly what actions we will take to achieve the intended result.  Finally, we ensure that clients receive affordable, excellent, and honest execution of the plan.  The three-step model has yielded a success rate above 90%.  Punch your ticket and climb aboard the #TruthTrain to manifest your destiny today.

–Immigrant Avenues–