We’re even led by a “Jeff.”  I love Amazon.  It’s the first place I look to when I shop for goods.  It’s founder, Mr. Jeff Bezos, is an iconoclast who saw the future of retailing when Amazon was simply an on-line bookstore. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and our “Jeff” has seen the future.

This week Immigrant Avenues passed another barrier to secure its mission of providing its customers affordable excellence with the launch of our mobile application.  We’re the first to provide those seeking to remain in the United States with omni-channel service.  It’s a giant leap toward our goal of making Immigrant Avenues the Amazon of immigration.

Omni-what? Amazon has spearheaded the concept of “omni-channel” retailing: a concept where customers can easily shop with the same retailer in an integrated manner both offline and online, including mobile, and keep track of their order history.  The concept is now essential and expanding rapidly across the world with corporate titans like America’s Walmart, China’s Alibaba, India’s Flipkart, and Brazil’s Mercadolibre, seizing the opportunity in their respective markets.  The world of retailing will never be the same.  Neither will the world of immigration services.

For too long, those in need of immigration services remained susceptible to a “brick and mortar” concept where people often struggled to find honest advice, access to a licensed attorney, and transparent, affordable pricing.  Customer service and continued access to an attorney remained unavailable.  The ability to track “your order” remained non-existent.  Even solid immigration attorneys struggled to stay in touch and empower their individual and corporate clients.  It high time we take down walls, not build new ones.

With the Immigrant Avenues App, our customers, interested guests, and competitors can receive answers to immigration-related questions, see our daily alerts, and stay up to date with immigration-related news in real time. Free. Those who wish to work with our nationally-acclaimed attorneys can receive a diagnosis of their particular immigration situation on-line or off-line. Free. Those looking to execute our plan will receive transparent, affordable fees and have the ability to keep track of their cases and contact their attorney from the palm of their hand.  Our Jeff is totally cool with imitating Bezos and anyone else who allows us to further empower our customers.

Download the Immigrant Avenues app here

Jesse M. Bless, Esq.