It’s become far too easy to tweet one’s dismay, disgust, or delight with President Trump’s latest nativist vitriol.  As exemplified by our Tweeter-in-Chief, we live in a world where any “genius” can broadcast a stream of thoughts on critical societal issues.  And then “power off.”

Democracy may Die in Darkness, but too much Light may Blind Us All.  Talk remains ever-so cheap and easy.  Yet, words naturally tend to scare, hurt, and paralyze those on the firing line.  Enough.  We can do better.  This post serves as an introduction and invitation to act in a positive, honest, and personal manner because actions . . . well, yes, actions speak louder than tweets.

We are Immigrant Avenues.  Our mission is to provide foreign nationals in need of innovative immigration solutions with affordable excellence.  We charge fair fees for the honest implementation of our three-step process: (1) We educate; (2) We plan; and (3) We execute.   

Educate: Our team has spent decades handling complex immigration matters.  At our first meeting, we will educate you about your personal immigration status and the options available for you and your family.  This initial service is offered at no cost.

Plan: Our team will prepare you with a written, detailed plan to handle your immigration future under any circumstances—now or in the future. We will provide you with an exact description of our services and tailor a fee-schedule that best meets your individual needs.

Execute: Our team will faithfully execute the agreed-upon plan.  We will remain ready to confront ever-changing circumstances and conditions as we walk down your individual immigration avenue.

The Discussion pAralysis neCessitates pro-Action.  Contact us today and begin the process to survive and thrive in the United States.

Jesse M. Bless, Senior Litigation Counsel