I am an immigration attorney, but first and foremost I am a husband, a father, and a son.  I am honest, imperfect and committed to improving each day through infinite learning.

I began 2017 working in Washington, DC, at the Justice Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation, an office reeling from the unforeseen election of Donald Trump.  Anxiety, Employees Aghast, Low Morale, False Projections.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Maybe I was too busy trying to help parent three children under 7, but as everyone told me what “they knew was going to happen,” I knew that I had no idea what to expect in 2017.

An open mind is a real blessing! I could never have imagined that five months later I would have left DC and joined the Law Offices of Jeff Goldman, LLP, as Senior Litigation Counsel, in charge of managing the newly formed family-based immigration practice and scaling our affiliate, Immigrant Avenues.  I transitioned from a career dedicated to “public service” to one dedicated to serving the underserved foreign national community so that families could not only survive, but thrive in the United States.  I hit the road with my supremely talented assistant and traveled to soccer tournaments, seminars, airports, restaurants, grocery stores, immigration courts, and, unfortunately, detention centers.  We talked to thousands of hopeful immigrants and witnessed the fear and anxiety in the eyes of families facing the possibility of separation from their loved ones and their “home” as xenophobic rhetoric and misinformation reigned supreme.

From Bell Gardens to Boston, I heard the same thing over and over again — “I paid someone . . . he/she took my money . . . I think he was an attorney . . .  I do not know what happened with my immigration case . . . can you help me stay here so I can be with my family?”  Instinctively, my desire was to say “yes,” just like I would say to one of my children when he or she asks if I can make him or her “feel better.”  However, whether it’s my child or my client, my response, has always and will always remain the same: “I will do whatever I can to see what, if anything, I can do to make it better.”

In a short amount of time, my team and I have helped hundreds of families and hired new members who share our passion for honesty, hard work, and ultimate responsiveness.  We stand ready to do our job . . . well.  In 2018, we will:

  • Launch a first-of-its-kind mobile app that will allow clients and prospective clients to put their case in the palm of their hand. 
  • Produce and distribute honest and helpful content through the app, social media, and our website. 
  • Keep learning so we can better serve our clients’ needs

In a sea of dishonesty, our honesty will help you navigate through the negativity and false hope to see what options you have to remain in the United States.  If a solution exists, we will charge fair fees that provides you with access to our “Affordable Excellence.”  If no solution exists, we’ll tell you the honest truth.  In the coming year, it would be an honor and a privilege for us to help turn your dream into a reality!

Jesse M. Bless, Senior Litigation Counsel