Immigrant Avenues LLC will guide you every step of the way on your avenue to lawful immigration status and beyond.

Immigrant Avenues LLC doesn’t offer legal advice, but rather offers the technology and marketing services to connect prospective immigrants with the best immigration lawyers in the U.S. We are different because the lawyers who work with our clients offer free consultations, fair and flexible fees and, for many cases, a money-back guarantee, and because Immigrant AvenuesSM advisors and partners (and Las Avenidas del InmigranteSM advisors and partners) help those who have attained immigrant status to obtain the requisite services to thrive.

Immigrant Avenues LLC is an independent legal process outsourcing company that connects documented and undocumented immigrants to experienced legal experts through our network of experienced attorneys. Immigrant AvenuesSM (and Las Avenidas del InmigranteSM) advisors serve as a resource for an array of immigration-related needs including information, consultations and referrals for:

  • Legal help through our network of experienced attorneys and through free legal resources.
  • Connections to educational and charitable organizations
  • Business relationships
  • Credit and Banking Services

Our History

Immigrant Avenues LLC was founded by immigration attorney Jeff Goldman, who has more than 25 years of extensive experience representing both individuals and companies who need help with immigration matters. A frequent speaker on immigration law at national conferences and at universities across the United State, Jeff has been honored for his extensive volunteer work with undocumented immigrants seeking political asylum as well as for those filing for temporary protected status following the earthquake in Haiti. Read Jeff’s bio here.